The Little Falls Education Foundation* is a component fund that serves as a vehicle for gathering and distributing charitable gifts to the Little Falls Community Schools.  An Advisory Board of area volunteers will be responsible for directing the funds to support worthwhile projects at the school district.

*Formally known as “The 482 Education Foundation of Little Falls Community Schools


The Little Falls Education Foundation is an endowment fund that will allow people to strengthen our community through a charitable contribution to benefit students of the school district.  Its advisory board is comprised of local volunteers who understand that strong, viable and inviting schools provide the basis for a growing community.

Class of 2026!
Bright kids, bright future! 

Board Members

Kyle Hoggarth, Chair
Pam Schilling, Treasurer
Lynn St. Onge, Secretary
Stephen Jones, Superintendent
Zach Tabatt, IF Staff Liaison
Debra Yliniemi-Ahlin
Brent Schulte
Lori Kush
Carl Rydeen
Kelsie Herzog

Created in 1986, the Initiative Foundation is powering possible to help Central Minnesota people build and sustain thriving communities.

The Foundation serves the 14 counties of Central Minnesota, providing nonprofit grants, business loans, leadership training and an array of donor services. We believe that local people have the greatest sum of initiative, knowledge and relationships to achieve a brighter future.

In partnership with Little Falls Education Foundation, the Initiative Foundation oversees and manages financial contributions for the fund. The Foundation also provides staff support to the advisory board and ensures compliance with legal and professional standards. These services allow volunteer leaders to focus on meeting community needs and enhancing the local quality of life. As a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, contributions to the fund are tax-deductible to the extent allowed by law.